Love, Valentine's Day

A not-so Happy Valentines Day

As most of the world was aware it was recently Valentines Day on February 14th and while I know this is just some silly Hallmark holiday to get people to spend stupid amounts of money on unnecessary gifts like flowers, chocolates & teddy bears along with expensive dates just to say “i love you” to their significant other.

Although I think Valentines Day is a waste of money, there’s something special I love about the day. I think sometimes we forget to show how much we love our other half or even just our friends & family and it’s nice to take a part out of our busy lives and go on a date or buy a small token just to put a smile on someone’s face.

So here’s my 2017 Valentines Day story, and buckle in because this story just goes from bad…to worse 😦

I’ve been with my partner Samuel for almost 5 years now, and while i’ve known since the beginning of our relationship he isn’t the most romantic guy. I know him so well by now I just know that the thought never really crosses his mind to be romantic. There have been occasions when he has done something super cute like I’ve had a horrible day at work and called him crying and I’ve come home to find him with a Pandora bag and some flowers to cheer me up. Or when I had a massive fight with my mum (again I called him crying) and came home to chocolates and teddy bear, he can really surprise me.
I suppose I was just hoping that after almost 5 years and 4 pretty average or crap Valentines Days before this he might have stepped up his game and done something a little romantic…. I was wrong..

So it was Tuesday, I was at work and I saw all the girls at work getting flowers delivered and receiving sweet messages from their loved ones and I did start to get a little jealous… and in no way did I start to wish I had their boyfriends I just LOVE surprises and I love sweet little gifts so this holiday is right up my alley. I knew he wouldn’t think to get flowers to my work and I was cool with it. I finished work around 1pm and decided this year that instead of me expecting a gift… I was going to spoil him!!

I was soooo excited! I raced out of work, picked up my friend Brya and headed to the mall to start hunting for a perfect gift, Sam isn’t the easiest guy to buy for so i decided on a gift basket of all this favourite things. This included:

  • A pair of Batman underwear (LOVES Batman :P)
  • 2 bags of BBQ Doritos
  • 2 big cans of Red Bull
  • Some smelly men’s products like body wash and deodorant (I had a Kmart voucher expiring that I needed to spend)
  • A traditional bone necklace (It’s a native New Zealand Maori thing, he had a green stone and lost it so I thought a bone one would look cool)

I put it all together in a basket and couldn’t wait to give it to him!

So 5:30pm came around and I picked it up from work, I hid the basket in the back seat of my car under some stuff so he wouldn’t see. As we were driving along home we were lightly teasing each other and taking the mickey out of each other as we usually do when I shoved my foot in my mouth saying “This is the worst Valentines day since our first one”

To shed some light on our first Valentines day 4 years ago he didn’t plan anything and I thought he was going too (only had been dating 8 months) and he felt so guilty when he saw the look on my face when he didn’t even get me a card and I had a gift for him

Anyway back to the story, after my fail of a comment which came out completely wrong and was totally insensitive, to be expected I put him in a very sour mood. Sam hardly spoke to me the rest of the car ride home and I was stressing about how to cheer him up and get our Valentines Day back on track. After about 10 minutes of silence he finally told me he had calmed down and was ready to talk. He proceeded to tell me he wanted to spend the night alone and he thought I was ungrateful, selfish, rude just to name a few. Of course my heart completely broke. I was devastated he thought that of me and pretty fucking angry!! It’s been almost 5 years and through everything I have always had his back and put his needs above my own and he KNOWS that so HOW DARE HE think i’m being ungrateful just because I made one little joke that went the wrong way..

To say the least things escalated quickly…..

Being the emotional person I am I burst into tears and was completely crushed by these harsh words coming from him, right there and then I was considering ending our relationship (just being over-dramatic of course) but this man is supposed to love me and should know me well enough to know i’m not an evil bitch as he was portraying me to be.

I pulled the car over on a side street, tears streaming down my face. I then asked if I could speak now and he agreed, I reached behind him, grabbed the gift basket with the card and put it on his lap and proceeded to ugly-girl cry. Sam looked and felt devastated. He didn’t say much he just said I need to go for a walk and got out of the car and told me he would be back soon, I watched him from the back window he didn’t go far he just sat on the foot path a few meters from the car. I called his cell telling him he could walk but to please stay close, we chatted on the phone and I began to apologize for what I said and I was sorry he felt those things about me. He came back to the car and told me he had to walk away because he didn’t want me to see him cry. I knew he felt like shit.

I felt so bad because I ruined our Valentines Day, instead of him feeling so happy about the surprise present I got him, he felt guilty and awful that he had ripped into me but he also did not have anything to present me with. We chatted for another 10 minutes or so and then decided to continue our drive home.

Once we got home I didn’t feel like doing anything, my eyes were puffy, I couldn’t stop sniffling and I was tired from the crying…and the emotional roller coaster.

After about an hour of being home we decided to try and salvage what was left of the night and go to the movies. We decided to watch Patriots Day. HORRIBLE IDEA. As if we weren’t feeling lousy enough we went and cried through a movie about the awful 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

Side note: Patriots Day is a really good film and I would recommend it! But don’t see it on a day that’s supposed to be a happy occasion.

So there you have it. The Emma & Sam 2017 Valentine’s Day fail. There’s probably worst stories or if you think you have something that could top it feel free to leave a comment. I hope the rest of you readers had a really great day!

Thanks for reading my rant 🙂

(P.S Featured image was taken years ago not actually on V-Day haha)


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