Introducing Emma over the last 23 years

Kia ora Readers (Kia ora is a Maori greeting for welcome/hello, Maori being the national language of New Zealand) 

For those of you reading or if anyone is. My name is Emma Kate Steiner. I’m 23 years old and born and raised in New Zealand!

I am one of 4 children (4 girls specifically -_-) I have an older sister Charlotte who is 25. She is currently dating Gareth who is 23 and they have been together for like almost 3 years, Charlotte works for bank in merchant services & Gareth is some kind of Business Analyst . Then we have my younger sister Holly who is 21, shes been with her girlfriend Becca for around 1 year.She is a full time Uni student and part time Hostesses at the a restaurant where Becca is the duty manager and also studies. Then my youngest sister Sonja who is 19 she is currently living in England on a gap year with her boyfriend James.

And well as for my mum. She was married to my dad for 10 years and that didn’t work out well to say the least. So she’s been solo-mothering for over 20 years , Go MAMA!

Dad lives in the country a dinky little town call Morrinsville (if you blink, you miss it!) with my Step-mum Gill.

Soo thats basically my family in a Nutshell. Grew up in Auckland with my mum & 3 sisters in a great little neighbourhood where I met my bestfriend Zoe, went to school and had all my big childhood milestones.

So lets tick off some milestones and when they happened:

Well the milestones I can remember anyway

  1. Toilet training….finally got the hang of it by the age of 4. Some of us are late bloomers
  2. First friend: Aged 3, Kindy, Bianca Paine – not friends anymore but the friendship lastest 10 years which I feel is impressive for starting at 3
  3. First friend fight: 10 years old, intermediate. I called my friends sluts (please note I didn’t actually know the meaning of the word slut…)
  4. First time getting drunk: 18th Birthday party… for the record I hate drinking
  5. First time getting high: 16, giggled waaay too much
  6. Virginity: 18, probably should have waited till I fell in love but mistakes were made thats for sure.
  7. First love: 19, with my current partner Sam

Thats basically the key points over the last 20 years. I’ve lived a relativity normal life I suppose. Theres been massive ups & downs like everyone else’s i suppose, well not exactly the same but I’ve had my fair share of blesssings and my fair share of shit.

So continue to read on if you dare.. 🙂






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